Criminal defense lawyer and licensed specialist in transport and shipping law, specialized in customs law

Dirk Bremicker LL.M.

Dirk Bremicker LL.M.

I am a lawyer and a licensed specialist in transport and shipping law with special focus on customs law and criminal defense. Since 1993, I have been representing and providing advice to companies and individuals as a lawyer with the focus of activity on customs law, foreign trade and payments law, as well as transport law. Furthermore, I work as a criminal defense lawyer. In the case of legal issues relating to transport, customs and foreign trade, your lawyer should be a proven expert. I can help you. Transport law, forwarding law, customs law and foreign trade and payments law are highly distinct and diversified branches of law, which have only little bearing on the day-to-day business of most law offices. Almost 18,000 lawyers are members of the Frankfurt Bar Association, but only a dozen of them are lawyers specializing in transport and forwarding law – I am one of them. Aside from the above, I have successfully completed the special training course in criminal law. Adding to this is a master study course in international business law, which I completed – in addition to my training to be a fully qualified lawyer and the study of business administration – in tandem with work some years ago. Defending persons involved in the customs clearance process as well as transport companies, professional drivers and fleet managers in job-related criminal matters in court and in investigation proceedings accounts for a large part of my work. I am available for you and your company in cases such as follows:

  • You are an importer, exporter or freight carrier and, as a party involved in the customs clearance process, you are held liable by the customs office for false declarations or negligence of another party involved in the transport, or you are faced with subsequent levies.
  • As a recipient of imported goods, you are held responsible for the payment of excessive import charges.
  • A damage in transit or a material delay occurred in the context of a transport.
  • Monetary fine proceedings or investigation proceedings against you have been opened, because the customs authority found a major amount of cash, valuables or prohibited goods on your entry into the customs territory of the European Union.
  • You need advice on import restrictions, import bans or export bans.
  • Your company as a “party involved in a transport“ needs solid, favorable contracts – whether as sender, freight carrier, forwarding agent or recipient.
  • Your company is the subject of a customs audit or an audit under foreign trade and payments law.
  • A matter relating to customs or transport law leads to investigations under criminal law against the persons responsible.
  • Your company is extending its activities into new markets and needs legal certainty in respect of customs duties, charges and export licenses.

I represent you in civil law proceedings, before fiscal courts and in criminal proceedings. Furthermore, I act on your behalf vis-à-vis fiscal and licensing authorities of all kinds. I also collect receivables, certainly even outside Germany. In this respect, I provide you with ample, practical and targeted advice so that you have a clear view of your legal position, risks and options. The focus of my work will always be an optimal solution for your concerns. I represent clients domiciled all over the world and would be glad to also work for you or your company. Communication with you is in English. Please read more about my work as a lawyer or contact me without any commitment.

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