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Dirk Bremicker

My work as your lawyer

The sole performance criterion is the client’s success. With each case taken, I aim at getting the most out of the situation and, if necessary, will fight for your concerns vigorously. However, it is always vital to take a pragmatic and result-oriented line of action. That is why I set great store by a systematic and clear-cut approach including an assessment of the circumstances. A key resource for me as a lawyer are the many years of work experience I can draw upon.

The tools of my trade are made up of solid, manifold and up-to-date knowledge. Customs and foreign trade law just like forwarding and transportation law issues necessitate ample knowledge in many areas. It goes without saying that I keep these tools up-to-date and that I know my subject – this is a standard I set myself.
However, my special knowledge of, for example, international trade agreements or industry-specific labor law must not be any isolated expertise. The respective legal, economic and social environment is important in each individual case especially in transportation, customs and foreign trade law. Due to globalization and European integration, these domains are under permanent development. This variety makes my branch of law not only challenging but fascinating – and so I consider myself a “specialized all-rounder”, which is evidenced by the following subjects, with regard to which I did further studies in the last months and years outside my original special areas of practice, i.e. transport law, customs law and criminal law:

  • International trade law - international business law
  • International tax law
  • European and international labor law
  • European Community Law
  • European company law
  • International law enforcement
  • European law on competition
  • Anglo-American law

A comprehensive professional network is available to me. The contacts I established over the years are as manifold as my tasks: a broad network of grown personal friendships not only with fellow lawyers, but also with tax advisors, auditors and criminal investigation, customs and tax administration officials, as well as with other experts.

I am a member of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Transportrecht (German Association for Transport Law) and of the Transport- und Speditionsrecht (transport and forwarding law) working groups as well as the Strafrecht (criminal law) working group within Deutscher Anwaltverein (German Bar Association).

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